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Tue 26 Jul, 2016:
Marais: Pièces à une et à deux violes et basse continue

Published in 1689, Marin Marais’s “Pieces for One and Two Viols” (Pièces à une et à deux violes) was a significant development in the...

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Tue 16 Feb, 2016:
Loquebantur – Music from the Baldwin Partbooks

John Baldwin (1560-1615) was a singer, composer of instrumental and vocal music, and a diligent collector and copyist of other composers’ works. His...

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Thu 03 Sep, 2015:
Simpson: 20 Ayres for two trebles and two basses; Four Divisions

Christopher Simpson (c1605-69) remains best known – to those in the know at least – as the author of a treatise called “The Division Viol”,...

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Mon 26 Jan, 2015:
Ward: Fantasies & Verse Anthems

English composer John Ward (c1589-1638) wrote these anthems and viol fantasies while a close associate of the young Prince of Wales, Henry Stuart, by...

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Fri 21 Nov, 2014:
Serenissima: Music from Renaissance Europe on Venetian viols

This lovely recital was inspired by the work of viol maker Richard Jones, whose painstaking reconstructions of instruments based on the last surviving...

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Tue 11 Nov, 2014:
Captain Tobias Hume: “Harke, harke!” – Lyra Violls Humors and Delights

Unlike Dowland, with whom he engaged in a professional dispute, the wonderfully eccentric Tobias Hume (c1569-1645), a mercenary in the Swedish and...

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