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Thu 24 May, 2018:
Reich: Drumming

Percussionist Colin Currie launches his own label with what he describes as “a thrillingly unclassifiable musical colossus”: Steve Reich’s...

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Wed 07 Dec, 2016:
Handel: Messiah, HWV 56 (New Concert Edition by Sir Andrew Davis)

HIP-sters be warned: here’s a Messiah to divide opinion. Andrew Davis’s 'new concert edition' springs out of the speakers with all the glossy pomp...

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Wed 15 Jun, 2016:
Reich: Clapping Music; Music for Pieces of Wood; Sextet

A quite exceptional SACD. Sextet, which draws musical sustenance from the darkly chromatic Desert Music that preceded it, dates from 1984-86, the...

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Wed 27 Apr, 2016:
Reich: Mallet Quartet; Sextet; Nagoya Marimbas; Music for Pieces of Wood

The most recent work here is Mallet Quartet (2009), which frames a gently rocking slow section with mellow motorized ostinatos topped with treble...

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