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Wed 19 Apr, 2017:
Novák: In the Tatra Mountains, Op 26; Eternal Longing, Op 33; Lady Godiva – Overture, Op 41

Striking just how much Vítězslav Novák's 1902 tone-poem In the Tatra Mountains anticipates elements of Richard Strauss's An Alpine Symphony, which...

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Fri 30 Sep, 2016:
Roger Doyle: Frail Things in Eternal Places

Few composers balance improvisatory freedom and structural control so deftly as Roger Doyle. Or to such striking ends. Frail Things in Eternal Places...

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Fri 26 Aug, 2016:
Come all ye songsters

Recorded live in March 2015 with atmospheric sound quality, this recital is largely devoted to Henry Purcell and the Gresham Manuscript, which he...

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Mon 28 Mar, 2016:
Bach: St John Passion, BWV 245

“Lord, our master, whose glory fills the whole earth, show us by your Passion that you, the true eternal Son of God, triumph even in the deepest...

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Wed 14 Jan, 2015:
Janáček: Glagolitic Mass (September 1927 version); The Eternal Gospel

Janáček’s extraordinarily original Glagolitic Mass (setting Old Slavonic and Cyrillic texts) is given here in the precisely dated (September 1927)...

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