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Tue 24 May, 2016:
Goldmark: Rustic Wedding Symphony, Op 31; Overture – Der gefesselte Prometheus, Op 38

With Beecham, Bernstein and Toscanini (in excerpt) as selected forerunners, any candidate in the Goldmark ‘Rustic Wedding’ stakes has to cut the...

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Mon 23 May, 2016:
Smetana: Czech Dances; On the seashore

Cherished memories of the great Rudolf Firkušný come flooding back, but it's clear from Garrick Ohlsson's wholly persuasive and intrepidly...

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Fri 20 May, 2016:
Sibelius: Violin Concerto in D minor, Op 47; Suite, Op 117; Glazunov: Violin Concerto in A minor, Op 82; Raymonda, Op 57 (Grand Adagio)

The Sibelius concerto has served violinists well in their debut recordings: think Viktoria Mullova, Leila Josefowicz (Philips) and Angèle Dubeau...

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Thu 19 May, 2016:
Vaughan Williams: A London Symphony; Symphony No 8 in D minor

On this well-filled disc containing two Vaughan Williams symphonies Andrew Manze directs the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic with loads of sympathy for...

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Wed 18 May, 2016:
Prokofiev: Symphony No 5 in B flat major, Op 100; Scythian Suite, Op 20

Many impressive details arrest the ear, not least the glistening aura of ‘The Sun’s Procession’ at the close of the Scythian Suite, a sunrise...

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